(Inner) Guidance

Back from a deep inner journey during a vipassana retreat, centered, I am full of gratitude & inner peace 🙏🏼 🌺. Would love to share one of the many insights / images I received during meditations…

During one of the 1st meditations I received a picture of a huge mountain, really steep, all covered by ice & snow. It looked huger & closer to the sky than the mountains in Switzerland, thought it might be Himalaya area. I knew that it was my task to climb it to top, but saw that it won’t be easy, climbing almost vertically through ice & loose snow. I was further shown that I had guides on my side, my spirit guides. They were here to help me climb to the top. What a picture to start the retreat 

Towards the end again during a sitting meditation I received further explanation: the „ice pick“ (it actually looked more like an anker, not the ice picks for the hands & is thrown first before u start climbing) represents spirit/spirit guides, or the higher part of you, higher self (it doesn’t matter what u want to call it, all is connected like a drop of water in the ocean💧). They throw the „ice pick“ into the ice & snow.
The most essential point is trust, trust that you are guided. I trust that spirit is holding me firm & is guiding me to climb the highest mountains. Trust is the basis for all development, for life progress overall.
The thickness of the rope represents our connection & communication to spirit or our higher self.
During the climb it is key to be completely present & aware. Using all of our senses we have to check that the ground we put our foot, hand or ice pick is safe. Each step represents a decision & determines where our way goes, spirit gives the bigger direction, but we have the choice of which path we take in a certain range. We have to use our fives senses & intuition to move forward & to consider the external conditions such as the quality of the rock or the weather (use our mind). Once I connect with the rock & start to feel it, I can better move forward & feel where the best path is for me (intuition).

We are guided by amazing forces that help us to climb the highest, steepest mountains!

While coming by train back to my beloved lake I saw a beautiful double rainbow , mahalo nui loa ke akua for your amazing guidance during these days 

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