We all have energetic wings placed at our back in our heart chakra area. These wings allow us to rise high to the sky, pass though the rain, the clouds (our dramas, toxic emotions, mental prisons) to the blue sky in order to reconnect with our true self, our being full of love, compassion & grace. There we can charge up & come back with fresh energy & power & create what our hearts desire. Remember your wings!
If at the beginning they are sticky, broken don’t give up, they can never be destroyed, they will always grow, heal again. Fill you up with self love. Visualize a rose at your heart chakra (on back in your chest area), see how this rose is opening up & spreads its sweet fragrance across your being. Do it every day for 5 minutes. There will be the day when they take you high high to the sky on amazing journey of self discovery where you find your true essence & will be able to swim in an ocean of aloha. Never give up, nature shows us that life energy can never be destroyed. Remember that even after an eruption new plants breakthrough the cold lava layers.

Remember your wings!

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