Lost in spiritual teachings

Stay centered & try not to get irritated, stressed by the many spiritual advices, practices. There are thousands of different approaches to develop into a more radiant, loving being, but there is only one source of truth.
Whatever trustworthy practice you feel attracted to is worthwhile trying. There is no unique way, anyone trying to convince you is not in balance & a critical mind is crucial here.
A shepherd, a painter or a student of a spiritual school can all be enlightened. The key word is D: dedication & discipline. If you do something with all of your heart & focus & with regularity you will be able to embrace its secret after some time. In this secret lies the wisdom about life & u get access to the ocean of aloha & inspiration that flows endlessly & connects us all. Not more, not less, truth is simple but not easy .

Text Inspired by Snatam Kaur: „…focus on those chants you feel most drawn to. Like water, these chants will only follow into spaces where there is an opening.“


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