Aloha Spirit

Fotolia_Aloha-_L_cut_2_previewThis morning when I woke up a soft wave of Aloha, Hawaii hit my heart, how much I love this feeling! Due to spring abundance and prospering life outside, my voice also starts to open up again after winter time, so here we go with my next blog.

Often the concept of Ho’oponopono is misunderstood in Western society and being reduced to forgiveness and words like I forgive you, please forgive me, I forgive myself… I am not generally against this and see also the value in it and sometimes also use forgiveness elements in my sessions or in my personal life. But here’s the thing: at the root of this, is a concept of separation, is a concept of something was wrong therefore I need to forgive. This is absolutely ok as it is how our Western mind works. It is like a first important step.
But we should not reduce Ho’oponopono to this.  As a former social anthropologist and lover of tribal cultures and their deep knowledge about nature and universe there is an urge in me to protect their pure teachings against short reductions and against marketing purposes. Therefore I want to make a clear distinction here:

Ho’oponopono means to make right more right. The premise here is you are already right, you can only make right a bit more righter. Therefore the process is a flow of acceptance, that everything is right, a process of embracing all that is. It is a process of remembering that you are already right by being infused with the highest truth and vibration: love / aloha. The key word here is gratitude instead of forgiveness. I do not have to forgive as I recognize the situation as the best teacher to grow and can even thank him / her (mahalo) for the opportunity provided.

The western concept of forgiveness is working on separated root causes for different challenges, problems that can be rooted in this life, past lifes, ancestral lineages, from the collective earth consciousness or parallel lifes in other dimensions. The focus here is to find the anchors and pull them out. When you work with the aloha spirit you simply invade your being with the deep understanding that all is perfect, all is meant to be, so that you are in a place of acceptance. It is like you are being bathed in the ocean of aloha where none of the anchors do matter anymore. The tricky thing here is to keep up that vibration :-), being away of Hawaii in busy, performance-oriented and competitive Western lifestyle.

Here is a picture that tries to make it visual (mix of English and German as I took the basis from another slide I created in German but probably everyone is familiar with the  iceberg model anyway).


Let’s go beyond separation and just remember that we are all drops in this fantastic ocean called life or love 😁, connected, through one big ocean. Nothing that has ever happened to you was wrong, all was in its divine plan for you to grow, to change directions, to learn…so all is perfect, no drama.

Our heart already knows, sometimes our mind needs to discuss and understand it first and then finally can bow it’s head to the guidance of the heart.

Here’s an amazing Hawaiian teacher that explains it from a Hawaiian perspective, Aunty Aloha:

Hawaii, I love you. Mahalo nui for the invasion of the aloha spirit in my cells that changed my life completely 5 years ago. Mahalo nui for sending me reminders from time to time, in order to reconnect back with the source, the ocean of aloha.

Full of gratitude & joy 🌺 mahalo Aunty Aloha, mahalo Aunty Aka 💓, mahalo Kumu Kawika, mahalo Kumu Pa‘a Lawrence Aki, mahalo Lei’ohu Ryder & Maydeen ‚Iao, mahalo beautiful Aina of aloha whose fragrance vibrates through all.

Now off to the lake to give my first SUP Session this season and bathe in the greatest of all…water 🙂


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