Trust or a love letter to life

Trust is the basis, where deeply rooted in yourself you can start to unfold the sweetest, juiciest of your dreams…

Trust leads you to a place where you accept everything just as it represents itself in this very moment. Where trust is there is no space for drama or toxic emotions.

Ultimately trust means to be able to forgive each & everyone for all pain felt, knowing that they were your greatest teachers, they were just perfect to make you grow & go beyond your own limitations. Finally trust means to be able to forgive yourself for all you did, or did not, all dramas created, to completely allow you to accept yourself with all that was and is.

Start to create a strong field of trust within you.

1. First of all take a deep breath…feel the bottom of your feet. Feel how you are deeply grounded in the earth with deep roots towards the center of the earth.

2. Now think of an example where you had a feeling of deep trust. Start to feel this trust and while breathing in, expand it to every cell of your being, from toe to head. Breathe out anything that hinders you to feel trust through your feet. Continue to do it until you feel a strong feeling of trust within you.

3. Write down all major events in your life. Look at it from a neutral point of view. In a deep understanding that those emotions belong to the past, its like a chapter of a book, after reading some sentences you can close it & put it back to your shelf. Then start to realize how it makes sense, how all magnificently leaded you to grow. See the worst things in life that did not break you, were the booster for your inner transformation into a freer, new life. So all is perfect in every single moment to bring out the best in you.

4. Finally when you see how wonderfully all is interweaved & connected, write your love letter to life, expressing your gratitude for your life’s guidance 🌺
You can also offer it to the water (lake, river, ocean) in a beautiful gratitude ceremony. Thus the flow of water will ensure you will continue to flow with your life 

There is a perfect runbook or red thread to all of our lifes.

In case you do not see the progress, it is time to look at your toxic emotions & thought patterns that keep you in a self-made prison and victim status. There is always an option to experience more beauty & happiness in your life. It just needs your decision to sincerely look at what is hindering you to be in the flow of life. There are many wonderful people that can guide you & help to bring you back to your inner source of trust & aloha. But you are the one really taking the steps. You have all resources in you that are needed. You are the creator of your circumstances. Start to trust your life’s guidance.

Remind yourself: Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Have trust in your process of finding back to your inner source and be patient & gentle with yourself.

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