Teachings from the Ocean, Kauai June 2015

Always know where that line between ocean & sky is (the horizon)… It is important to acknowledge that there is a clear border between ocean (emotions) & sky (clarity). Take the messages from your water, your emotions to father sky, to get the clarity, direction & vision needed. The deepness & darkness of the ocean needs the brightness, clarity of the sky, the air to balance, to breathe as the sky needs the ocean in order to transport messages through the clouds…
At sunset & sunrise these energies melt & create through their passion (fire, sun) the night / the new day.
Waves represent the state of our emotions, sometimes calm & peaceful, sometimes full of movement, action, rage…all is needed. We live, grow & evolve in cycles…

Mahalo nui loa mother ocean, mahalo ke akua   love u Kauai  

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